How To

From information about uploading images for bi-monthly competitions to entering our monthly Facebook challenge, you'll find it here.

Upload Images for Bi-Monthly Competitions

  1. Photos must be submitted by noon the Sunday before the meeting
  2. Submit up to 3 images in JPG format
  3. Size images to max 2048px on long side
  4. Name image files in this format: firstName_lastName_001.jpg
  5. Click SmugMug photo upload link in the current CCOR newsletter
  6. Browse to your image files to add
  7. Click "Open"

Enter Monthly Facebook Competition

  1. Join the CCOR Facebook Group
  2. Find the current #hashtag competition theme in the cover photo
  3. Post a photo in the CCOR Facebook Group using the #hashtag
  4. Vote for your favorites by liking / loving other photos!

Tell Us About It

This is not about making a Salon winning image or how to improve it. The intent is that each month a member will share an image which has an emotional and/or personal connection. The club member will have 5-7 minutes to describe their image however they wish, which can include some of the following:

  1. Does the picture have a personal connection?
  2. What feelings or memory does the image elicit?
  3. What prompted you to take the photograph?
  4. What was learned or experienced?
  5. What were the challenges (technical and/or environmental?)
  6. Were those challenges successfully overcome?
  7. Were specific camera techniques used?
  8. What role did post processing play?
  9. Did the resulting image turn out as envisioned at the time of capture?
  10. Contact a club officer today to join the conversation!

Annual Salon

Complete details about our annual Salon, including rules and downloads to be attached to photographs, can be found here.